My Partners

«L. Papaphilippou & Co. LLC» was founded in 1963. They grew up to one of the leading international firms in the Republic of Cyprus. Among their clients are regulators, local and international banking and financial institutions, insurance, shipping and listing companies, transnational corporations and high-ranking officials.

Demetris Koutras has been a lawyer since 1973 and works with his daughters Laura, Anna and Maria. His firm is known for its honesty and fast service, which inspires confidence.

The company «Consaver Services Ltd» has been successfully operating in the Cyprus market since 1997. Flexible pricing policy and the implementation of services in the shortest time were highly appreciated by customers.

Lawyer’s Association
«Slavutich City Consultation «Protection»

I am a co-founder since 12.10.2001. EGRPOU: 22200426. Address: 07101, Kyiv region, Slavutich, 77th Guards Division, 3.


Outsourcing services

Outsourcing of accounting services is a form of cooperation in which a specialized third-party company takes over the functions of accounting, accounting, and reporting (tax and accounting) to regulatory bodies.

Accounting services in Ukraine and the Republic of Cyprus include:

  • preparation of reports under IFRS;
  • preparation and submission of monthly accounting and tax reporting to regulatory authorities;
  • processing of financial and tax documentation and reporting;
  • payroll of employees;
  • depreciation of intangible assets, as well as fixed assets;
  • compilation of quarterly VAT reports;
  • registration and submission of monthly and quarterly accounting documents to social insurance funds;
  • preparation of the annual accounting report;
  • opening accounts in banks of the Republic of Cyprus;
  • maintenance of the Bank-Client system;
  • registration and registration with tax authorities in Ukraine and the Republic of Cyprus;
  • preparation of financial statements for financial and tax audit;
  • tax advice.

For more detailed information please contact us by phone: +357 96 73 77 75.