Advocate in Labour and Economic disputes

Advocate in Labour and Economic disputes

If you have to defend your interests in the courtroom, then you will certainly need the help of the advocate who is expert in economic matters.

I represent the interests of my clients in courts of any jurisdiction and any jurisdiction; I am ready to effectively resolve economic, labor, corporate and other disputes.

Anyone, even the most successful business is not protected from losses, there are occasions when there are occasions when defend their legal rights in the courtroom: unscrupulous partners and suppliers, the actions of state bodies that cause damage, disputes between co-owners of the firm, the threat of bankruptcy, incorrect agreements, non-fulfilment contractual obligations – in all these situations, you are urgently required qualified legal assistance from a lawyer for labour and economic matters. Only in this case your right will be protected, and losses are reduced to a minimum.

The complex of attorney services with participation in court cases includes:

  • studying all the circumstances of the case, conducting consultations and assessing the prospects of the case; determination of the package of necessary documents and examination of the submitted documents for compliance with legislative norms;
  • development of business strategy and effective legal position;
  • the decision of the case at the pre-trial stage, including the protection of the client’s rights in the negotiations;
  • preparation of documents for presentation at hearings in court;
  • protection of client’s interests during the trial.

An attorney for labour and economic affairs organizes effective protection of your rights in disputes related to the commercial activities of organizations and individual entrepreneurs, for example:

  • collection of debts and establishment of interest, penalties and interest;
  • compensation of losses;
  • resolution of contractual disputes, recognition of invalidity of transactions;
  • resolution of issues, transfer of ownership of property, including the seizure of the client’s property from illegal possession of third parties;
  • conducting bankruptcy cases, choosing a bankruptcy scheme and organizing the necessary procedures;
  • protection of client’s interests in corporate disputes;
  • restoration and protection of the client’s business reputation.

If your case is considered in the administrative procedure, I will help you:

  • it is reasoned to challenge the acts that violate your interests as an entrepreneur and an economic entity;
  • protect your position in case of illegal actions of tax authorities, local government and other government agencies;
  • the most favourable way to resolve issues related to administrative violations;
  • solve tax disputes and settle issues of bringing to tax liability.

Advantages of qualified support of a lawyer for labour and economic disputes during the trial:

  • at the pre-trial stage, I make maximum efforts to resolve conflicts peacefully;
  • your business is conducted by a specialist who is in detail familiar with the current legal information and has extensive experience in conducting business in the areas of economic, corporate, labour and tax law;
  • in my work I use proven legal technologies that best take into account all the subtleties and nuances of your business;
  • in each case, I develop an individual strategy and tactics of the process; consideration of the case takes place in the shortest possible time;
  • the participation of a lawyer at all stages of the consideration of cases.

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