Advocate in Civil Disputes

Advocate in Civil Disputes

This category of disputes can be distinguished fairly arbitrarily, as those or other civil disputes in the presence of the relevant characteristics can be attributed, for example, to hereditary, housing, etc.

Here, of course, include claims for the collection of debts, as well as a huge number of disputes about the compensation of the harm caused (life and health, property related to compensation for moral harm), cases arising from violation of consumers rights, compensation for harm caused as a result of the committed crime, Accident, debt collection under a loan agreement, recognition of transactions as invalid.

An indicative list of services of a lawyer in civil cases:

  • consumer rights protection;
  • compensation for damage caused by damage to health;
  • compensation for damage caused by the bay of the apartment;
  • collection of debts under a loan agreement;
  • reclaiming property from someone else’s illegal possession;
  • protection of honour, dignity and business reputation;
  • protection of intellectual property.

Representation of your interests in court includes:

  • collection of necessary evidence;
  • preparation and filing of a statement of claim at a personal reception with a judge;
  • participation in the pre-trial proceedings;
  • participation directly in the court session;
  • drawing up motivated objections to the statement of claim and other procedural documents;
  • drafting and application of motions;
  • obtaining a judgment (verdict) of the court and the writ of execution in his hands;
  • drafting and filing of an appeal (cassation, supervisory) complaint;
  • participation in the court session in court of the appeal (cassation, supervisory) instance.

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