Advocate in Administrative disputes

Advocate in Administrative disputes

If you need consulting support in a case that falls under the Code of Administrative Offenses. If you want your rights to be protected in courts or authorities, then for the successful conduct of the case you will need the help of a qualified attorney for administrative matters.

No one can be sure that his actions can’t be defined as an administrative offense. If such an action is committed by a private person, the most serious consequence may be an arrest, in the case of a legal person – a fine or suspension of the organization.

The administrative dispute involves appealing the activities of persons vested with powers or authorities. It is clear that an unprepared person, unfamiliar with the subtleties of legislation and legal procedures, is almost impossible to achieve the desired solution.

In what situations do you need the help of an attorney for administrative disputes:

  • you were held accountable for the violation of traffic rules (exceeding permissible speed, drunk driving and other reasons) and, for example, deprived of a driver’s license;
  • you are charged with violations in the sphere of economic activity;
  • a case was brought against infringements in the field of the computer information;
  • your question concerns land legislation, including unauthorized seizure of plots of land;
  • tax authorities claim that you have committed violations in the field of tax or cash discipline;
  • you are charged with violation of customs rules or requirements of industrial safety;
  • you are involved in a legal dispute involving infringement of copyright or patent rights.

Administrative offenses also include small thefts, consumption of narcotic substances, arbitrariness, violation of the rules for the use of housing and many others.

What actions does an attorney for administrative cases take to protect your legal rights?

First, the very fact of an administrative offense is established. To do this, the advocate examines all available data, determines the range of witnesses, receives from them the necessary information, determines what research and expertise will need to be conducted in your case.

Secondly, the legal capacity of persons occupying certain positions that have decided to initiate a case involving prosecution under the administrative code is determined, the question of the necessity and possibility of appealing against their actions or inaction is decided.

Thirdly, if necessary, an attorney for administrative matters protects your property interests, for example, represents your interests if the property is seized, if a reliable valuation of the property value is required or in the case of enforcement proceedings.

My practice of dealing with administrative offenses shows that once an experienced lawyer is in charge, most of the problems are removed, and the case itself is decided before the trial.

After collecting evidence and developing a strategically verified legal position in the case, the confirmation in favour of an administrative offense loses its credibility, and the case no longer looks promising in the eyes of your opponents.

If the case nevertheless goes to the stage of the trial, then the lawyer:

  • draw up a statement of claim and forward it to the courts;
  • provides the claim with evidence base;
  • compiles the necessary package of documents;
  • protects your interests in the process of hearing in court;
  • obtains a decision on the case;
  • and if necessary appeal the decision of the court.

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