Real estate advocate

Real estate advocate

In real estate disputes, there is nowhere necessary the qualified protection of your interests and property rights during the trial and at the stage of pre-trial negotiations. Attempts to defend one’s own interests can lead to significant losses: apartments, houses, industrial premises or investments, the cost of which is often millions.

By enlisting the help of a qualified real estate attorney, you increase your chances of a successful outcome of the case, do not make legal mistakes that can lead to adverse consequences.

The cost of real estate in Ukraine is constantly growing in price, the real estate market is being manipulated by a large number of unscrupulous sellers, buyers and tenants using shadow schemes and making doubtful transactions, and the legislation is in a constant process of change, so it is not surprising that real estate becomes a subject of constant litigation.

A real estate attorney representing your interests:

  • will hold consultations on issues of housing, family law;
  • organizes the examination of documents related to the purchase or sale or lease of real estate;
  • will assist in concluding transactions with real estate;
  • organizes and conducts negotiations of all interested parties;
  • will draw up a statement of claim, complaints and other documents for the initialization and conduct of the trial.

I, as an advocate specializing in real estate disputes, ready to protect your interests as a plaintiff, defendant or representative of a third party in the courts of any instance and offer my clients help in the following areas:

  • recognition of ownership of real estate;
  • return of property that is in illegal possession;
  • protection of the legal rights of the buyer and the owner of the property;
  • recognition of transactions for the purchase, sale, lease of real estate invalid or unauthorized;
  • removal of arrest from immovable property;
  • implementation of measures to recover the payment due to the owner under the lease agreement;
  • appeal against the refusal to register property for real estate;
  • recovery of damage caused to your property, including repair costs;
  • solution of privatization issues;
  • legalization of unauthorized development;
  • and much more.

Disputes on real estate are best resolved through negotiations, and I’m ready to do my best to get my opponents to reach an agreement. In a situation where it is not possible to reach an agreement, I am ready to represent your interests in court. My clients are always guaranteed an individual approach, taking into account the specifics and peculiarities of the situation, the use of advanced legal technologies and the effective application of legislative norms.

For more information on the provision of this type of service, please contact me.