Advocate in International law

Advocate in International law

International law is a system of principles and norms that regulate relations of power between states and other subjects of international communication. From this definition it follows that the most significant features of international law are special relations, which, in turn, are regulated by the system of principles and legal norms, and a special circle of entities that participate in international communication.

An advocate in international affairs conducts international litigation, i.e. court cases in which one of the parties – a legal entity or an individual – resides in the territory of another state, has a place of residence or is a foreign citizen, or is otherwise involved in the sphere of international civil legal relations or international business. In each such case, there is a need for legal services in the field of international law and the process.

Assistance to families

One of the directions in international law is assistance to families. I, as an advocate, provide legal support and representation of interests to Ukrainian citizens who have travelled to foreign countries, have such intentions, or have married foreigners. In addition, I will provide legal support to foreign citizens who have linked their relationship with citizens of Ukraine or have such an intention.

My advantage is the professional knowledge of international law, as well as the legal practice in this category of cases.

I render assistance in such cases:

  • property division;
  • recovery of alimony;
  • marriage contract;
  • violence in family;
  • protection of parental rights;
  • illegal export of children abroad;
  • protection of the rights of grandparents;
  • kidnapping of children.

I represent the interests of clients on the following legal issues in the field of international family law:

  • receipt and registration of the inheritance abroad and in Ukraine for foreign and our former citizens;
  • dissolution of mixed marriages;
  • division of property upon divorce of mixed marriages, incl. Abroad;
  • disputes about children when divorcing mixed marriages;
  • determination of the place of permanent residence of children;
  • removal of a child for permanent residence from Ukraine or Ukraine;
  • international alimony and their recovery;
  • the conclusion of marriage on the territory of foreign countries;
  • realization of personal property and non-property rights and duties of spouses in the territory of foreign countries;
  • assistance in the recognition of marriages by jurisdictions of different states;
  • recognition of marriages as invalid;
  • dissolution of marriage contracts;
  • the establishment of the children’s place of residence and the order of their upbringing;
  • the establishment and contestation of paternity (motherhood) adoption;
  • collection of alimony and obligations for the maintenance of children, parents and disabled persons;
  • other issues.

The services of a lawyer for litigation include:

  • drafting and filing of a statement of claim;
  • participation in the pre-trial preparation of the case;
  • assistance in arresting disputed property;
  • collection of necessary documents;
  • representation of interests in court sessions;
  • obtaining a court decision;
  • appeal of a court decision (if necessary).

I have many years of experience have to solving family conflicts both on the side of the plaintiff and on the side of the defendant. I will present your interests both in the voluntary settlement of disagreements, and in representing interests in family matters in a judicial procedure.

I will assist you in disputes in which the party is a citizen of Ukraine, Russia, the United Kingdom or the European Union, I will resolve any issues related to the division of property, disputes about the place of residence of children, adoption, and protect your interests in judicial and other state bodies.

I will help you with the conclusion or dissolution of marriage in the territory of Ukraine, if you are a citizen of another state; I will assist in obtaining a birth certificate for a child born in Ukraine, if his parents came from another country.

I have partners who carry out relevant legal services in the European Union, which significantly increases the effectiveness of my work in solving family issues.

I will professionally represent your interests without your direct participation in court and other bodies, which will preserve your nerves and peace of mind.

Advocate services for apostilling documents

I render services for apostille on documents issued by Ukrainian and Cypriot state bodies for their recognition on the territory of the states that are party to the Hague Convention, abolishing the requirements for the legalization of foreign official documents (The Hague, October 5, 1961), in the authorized bodies of the city of Kiev and the Kiev region, the city of Nicosia.

“International litigation” and “International commercial arbitration”:

  • preparation of memoranda on facts for foreign consultants (summary of facts), preparation of legal opinions and information on Ukrainian law;
  • organization of selection of foreign law firms for foreign courts and arbitration (holding “tenders” between them, preparing requests for services, forming the right criteria for selecting companies);
  • work with external consultants in the conduct of foreign processes (participation in formulating a strategy, formulating an action plan, monitoring the timeliness and adequacy of the actions of consultants). Control costs of external consultants, develop measures to reduce the costs of external consultants;
  • work with international detective agencies (investigators), audit firms, participation in the preparation of expert opinions (on technical issues, quantum), including expert opinions on Ukrainian law;.
  • organization of procedures for disclosure of documents (discovery, disclosure) within the company for ongoing international processes;
  • the organization of the collection of evidence within the company on ongoing international processes;
  • preparation of other legal documents representation of the interests of the Customer and its affiliated persons in courts, arbitration bodies on disputes with a foreign element or other disputes on behalf of the management of the Customer.

Corporate law:

  • Organization of the work of the legal service at the strategic and tactical levels – risk management and legal support of the current operating activities (working language – English, Ukrainian, Russian);
  • Performing the functions of head of legal projects of a group of companies, in the implementation of which lawyers from foreign countries are involved (working language is English);
  • Legal support of the company’s business in matters of corporate law, contract law, intellectual property, media, interaction with foreign lawyers (Cyprus, European Union countries, USA) (working language – English);
  • Management of a team of lawyers, interaction with other divisions of the company (working language – English, Ukrainian, Russian);
  • Execution of legal assignments of owners and managers of a group of companies in Ukraine, Russia and foreign countries (working language – English, Ukrainian, Russian);
  • Work on legal advice to managers and owners of a group of companies (working language – Ukrainian, Russian);
  • Qualified preparation of texts of various legal documents in Russian and English languages ​​(working languages ​​- English, Ukrainian, Russian);
  • Support of a group of companies in the field of corporate law; preparation and execution of corporate documents of companies (working languages ​​- English, Ukrainian, Russian);
  • Maintenance of constituent documents of a group of companies, registration of newly created legal entities in Ukraine and foreign countries,
  • Support transactions for the purchase and sale of shares, the reception of investors in both Russian and foreign companies; (working languages ​​- English, Ukrainian, Russian);
  • Professional interaction with law firms and lawyers of foreign countries on issues of international law, protection of intellectual property, concluding bilateral and multilateral treaties, civil process, international commercial arbitration and international business transactions (working language – English);
  • Interaction with legal services of foreign companies – partners of the group: coordination of texts and terms of contracts and agreements, amendments and additions to them, order of cancellation and prolongation (working language – English);
  • Participation in negotiations of the owners and managers of the group of companies with Ukrainian, Russian and foreign partners, including those conducted in English (working languages ​​- English, Ukrainian, Russian);
  • Legal expertise of international treaties and agreements (working language – English);
  • Participation in investment projects support, mergers and acquisitions (working languages ​​- English, Ukrainian, Russian);
  • Ensuring the legality of the activities of a group of companies, protecting its legal interests (working languages ​​- English, Ukrainian, Russian);
  • legal expertise of business decisions, orders, instructions, regulations, standards and other acts of legal nature adopted by the management of the group of companies (working language – Ukrainian, Russian);
  • Preparation of conclusions on legal issues arising in the activities of a group of companies (working languages ​​- English, Ukrainian, Russian);
  • Providing methodological guidance for legal work in a group of companies, explaining the current legislation and the procedure for its application to owners, managers and employees (the working language is Ukrainian, Russian);
  • Providing legal assistance to the structural divisions of companies (working languages – English, Ukrainian, Russian);
  • representation of the interests of a group of companies in international and Russian courts and international and Russian commercial arbitration, state and public organizations when considering legal issues and claims to a group of companies, owners and managers (working languages – English, Ukrainian, Russian).

International Advocate – International strategic promotion of companies:

  • Creation of the structure of legal entities of a group of companies in Cyprus, Ukraine, Russia and other countries (working language – English, Ukrainian, Russian);
  • Opening accounts of a group of companies in foreign banks, negotiating with banks, signing agreements on Internet banking, coordinating interaction between banks and processing companies (working language – English);
  • Negotiation, conclusion of agreements and control over their execution with international processing systems (JCC, PayPal, MoneyBookers, SoftBanking, GlobalPayments) (working language – English);
  • Legal support of the issues of registration of trademarks of the company in the countries of the European Union and the USA, registration of rights to the software product, resolution of intellectual property issues (working language – English);
  • Legal analysis of the need to license the activities of a group of companies in each country of business (the need to obtain licenses for data transmission, telecom, Internet telephony) (working language – English);
  • Legal analysis of the taxation of the company in each country of business, including in connection with the need to register as a payer of taxes and withholding taxes at the source of payment (working language – English);
  • Legal analysis and work on legalization of the categories of the indication of services registered at the company’s website by consultants, identification of services prohibited for advertising on the Internet in each country of activity (working language – English);
  • Legal support of advertising companies in foreign countries, participation in negotiations and conclusion of advertising contracts, agreements (working language – English);
  • Cooperation with foreign legal companies and lawyers for the above tasks – negotiation and consultation in English, control over the activities of foreign law firms, preparation of contracts, statements, references, assignments and other documents in English to solve the tasks (working language – English);
  • Preparation of the following contracts and agreements in English required for the activities of the company structure:
    • Universal user agreement for the site;
    • Agreement on non-disclosure of confidential information;
    • Labour agreement with an employee / freelancer;
    • An agreement on software testing and evaluation;
    • Agreement on the development and implementation of software and computer systems;
    • License agreement for the transfer of a software product;
    • Agreement on technical support and maintenance of the system;
    • Agreement on the supply of a turnkey computer system;
    • Agreement on the processing of personal data of users;
    • Agreement on research and development of software;
    • Agreement on the sale of shares / interests / parts of assets (for new investors);
    • Agreement on the establishment of a joint venture (for investors);
    • Partnership agreement (for investors);
    • Agreement on the development of the Internet site and the transfer of relevant software;
    • Agreement on the creation and transfer of individual web pages of the Internet site;
    • Agreement on the services of a hosting provider;
    • Agreement on advertising services on the company’s website;
    • Agreement on the promotion of the Internet site;
    • Agreement on the transfer of rights to the Internet site;
    • Agreement to develop a product and create a brand for the Internet company;
    • Agreement on consulting services for web developers;
    • Agreement on services to maintain and maintain the Internet site;
    • Agreement with an advertising aggregator company in banners, text hyperlinks and logs of the company’s Internet site;
    • Agreement on the creation and maintenance of promotional hyperlinks;
    • Agreement on the licensing of site content;
    • Agreement on the transfer of rights to the domain name;
    • Agreement on the transfer of rights to a trademark;
    • Other contracts, contracts and agreements necessary for the activities of a group of companies.

For more information on the provision of this type of service, please contact me.