Advocate in Tax disputes

Advocate in Tax disputes

The activity of law enforcement and tax authorities to attract organizations and citizens to account (criminal, administrative and tax), is growing every year. Therefore, the protection of their rights in the tax and judicial bodies, is one of the most important areas of the advocate in tax disputes.

In most cases, a lawyer resorts to the help of a lawyer when a tax dispute arises that relates to unreasonable acts or omissions of the tax authorities, if it is necessary to justify a refund of VAT, to challenge a tax decision if the organization is held liable for tax or monetary sanctions are applied.

What tasks does the tax lawyer solve:

  • carrying out legal expertise of tax documentation;
  • analysis of the contractual base;
  • keeping correspondence with tax authorities;
  • control over the work of on-site tax audits;
  • preparation of objections and claims in case of violation of the verification procedure;
  • collection of a full package of materials for submission to the tax inspection and judicial authorities;
  • full legal assistance at the stages of pre-trial settlement and review of the case in court.

The work of a lawyer on tax disputes begins at the pre-trial stage and includes:

  • consultations on specific problems of taxation;
  • assessment of the organization’s risks based on the audit of tax reports;
  • the alignment of strategy and the definition of specific tactical methods of client behaviour during tax audits;
  • assessment of the prospects for winning a case concerning VAT refund in court and at the stage of pre-trial negotiations;
  • meetings with representatives of tax inspections.

If, at the pre-trial stage, the agreement was not reached (unfortunately, as it happens in most cases), the tax dispute is transferred to the courtroom.

During the trial the tax attorney:

  • prepares an appeal against the decision of the tax inspection;
  • provides a reasoned application to the court;
  • represents your interests in the courts of all instances;
  • prepares a package of necessary documents, including complaints, petitions, explanatory notes, reviews and other documents;
  • plans and implements measures aimed at compensation for harm from the actions of tax services and court costs.

Tax legislation is characterized by a number of controversial issues, moreover, almost every day, legislative and by-laws are issued, as well as explanations concerning the application of a tax law article, therefore it is very important that the advocate representing your interests in a tax litigation freely current tax legislation, had extensive experience of interaction with tax services, pre-trial and judicial protection of the client’s tax interests.

I, as a tax litigation advocate, are ready to defend your interests in any court of law, at any stage of the proceedings, and the wide experience of the cases won allows me to guarantee full and comprehensive protection of the client’s rights in a tax dispute.

VAT refund with the help of a tax litigation advocate.

Tax inspectors use various methods to postpone the VAT refund, especially for companies that work with imported goods. As an additional measure of influence, tax officials use on-site tax inspections, which often simply paralyze the activities of the enterprise.

Therefore, in a situation where a refund of VAT is necessary in the shortest possible time, you will need the participation of a lawyer in tax matters. Only a high-qualified lawyer will help to reduce to zero the risks of refusing VAT refunds and getting interest for an untimely tax refund.

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