Protection of intellectual property

Protection of intellectual property

Protecting your ownership of intellectual products will achieve your goal if your interests in court are upheld by a qualified copyright lawyer. In my lawyer practice, cases involving the receipt of compensation for violation of authorship, the misuse of trademarks, industrial designs and scientific achievements are widely represented.

Intellectual property is legally protected. Legislation classifies not only works of artistic culture and scientific discoveries, but also software products, models and models for industrial production, trademarks and other achievements of intellectual labour to property objects.

The range of services I offer includes:

  • protection of intellectual property in court, including examination of submitted documents, development of a legal position, filing a claim, representation of your position throughout the entire judicial process;
  • negotiating process in the framework of pre-trial settlement of disputes concerning copyright and protection of intellectual property;
  • management of cases leading to compulsory licensing of the use of products of intellectual activity;
  • examination of the evidence base, the direction of the necessary requests;
  • representation of your interests when analysing cases in state organizations, such as patenting and antimonopoly authorities;
  • drafting of the necessary documents aimed at protecting intellectual property;
  • consulting support.

As a result, you get effective legal protection in situations where:

  • rights to the results of your intellectual activity are violated;
  • it is necessary to establish your status as a patent holder;
  • it is necessary to conclude a correct and legally impeccable license agreement;
  • the decision of patent bodies is required to be challenged;
  • it is necessary to establish a fair payment for the use of the results of intellectual activity;
  • there is a need to recover damages or the question of obtaining legal compensation.

In the process of protecting your rights if necessary:

  • a claim is made for the recognition of this right;
  • demands the suppression of activities that violate your rights to intellectual property or its results;
  • solve the problems of covering losses or compensation for the damage caused;
  • a demand is demanded for seizure of the carrier.

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