Advocate in Criminal law

Advocate in Criminal law

An advocate in criminal cases protects both the interests of the accused and the rights of the victim in court, seeking compensation for the damage caused.

Trends in recent years indicate that the pressure on the business structure is systematically increased by qualifying certain aspects of the activities of firms and individual entrepreneurs as criminal acts. Tax and customs disputes, evasion of payment of debts, abuse of authority, grey schemes of conducting commercial activities, improperly conducted bankruptcy or money laundering can cause not only financial sanctions, but also deprivation of liberty of the defendant.

Therefore, an appeal to a lawyer specializing in criminal law becomes necessary already at the stage when law enforcement authorities became interested in your business or personal life (you were asked to present documents or summoned for explanations). In this case, the risk that the matter will go to court, and you will have to experience the consequences of the trial becomes minimal.

The purpose of the criminal lawyer during the criminal process is to ensure the adoption of decisions that are most acceptable to clients: reducing the sentence, excluding punishments related to restricting freedom, issuing acquittals, and cancelling adverse decisions approved in previous instances.

At the pre-trial stage of the criminal process, the lawyer’s actions are aimed at developing an effective strategy and tactics. In many cases, qualified assistance at this stage leads to the completion of the criminal prosecution of the client.

Activities include:

  • consulting support of the client, examination of case materials, which allows to determine judicial prospects;
  • evaluation of evidence base;
  • choice of legal position;
  • protection of the client at all stages of investigative activities;
  • if necessary, appeal the measure of restraint.

As part of ensuring effective legal assistance during the trial, the criminal lawyer:

  • organizes the protection of the client at all stages of the proceedings;
  • provides evidence that justifies or mitigates the fault;
  • performs a detailed analysis of indications;
  • specifies the tactics of protection;
  • examines the records of court hearings and submits comments on their content;
  • submits the necessary complaints and applications (on the return of the case for further investigation, release from responsibility in the criminal case, application of the suspension of the execution of punishment);

At the stage of appealing the sentence, the criminal advocate forms and submits a complaint about the verdict, decision or decision of the court, participates in the court session.

An experienced criminal lawyer can help you if an excited case involves:

  • crimes against the person, honour and dignity;
  • crimes related to property issues;
  • crimes related to commercial activities;
  • and many others.

An advocate can be involved in the legal process at any stage, but at the same time, the earlier you get the help of an advocate, the higher the probability of a favourable outcome of the case.

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