Advocate in Land disputes

Advocate in Land disputes

The advocate in land disputes who defends your interests must perfectly understand the intricacies of interpreting legislation and a number of by-laws. In land relations from the point of view of jurisprudence come private and legal persons, and the state itself, and most disputes concern the protection of the owner’s rights to the objects of landed property.

Land legal relations, according to lawyers, one of the most intricate branches of law. In this case, the proceedings on the ownership, management and use of land – the most common categories of cases, from those that are considered in civil and economic courts.

Land disputes mainly arise as a result of incorrect registration of land use rights, violations of the grounds for using the land plot, seizure of foreign land plots, damage to foreign land property or improper use of the land plot under a lease agreement. Also in the field of the lawyer for land disputes are situations related to the legalization of transactions with land, land allotments, land management practices, problems arising from land inheritance rights.

If you are involved in a land dispute, the best tactic is not to try to solve the problem yourself, but to use the services of a qualified specialist. Only in this way you will not only waste your nerves,

Highly qualified lawyer for land disputes:

  • in details will understand your specific situation;
  • will tell you how to proceed in order to achieve a positive decision;
  • will analyse the documentary base;
  • will help settle the conflict that has arisen “at the negotiating table”;
  • if the measures of pre-trial settlement did not bring results, prepare documents for the court;
  • will present your rights in court and other instances.

As a practicing advocate specializing in land law, I will help you resolve disputes about the land that are related to:

  • recognition of ownership of the site or its share;
  • need to divide the land and revise the existing section;
  • definition of the order of land use;
  • registration of land purchase and sale transactions;
  • representation of your interests in court, in the relevant government bodies and territorial bodies of government;
  • preparation of claims, complaints, claims and other legal documentation necessary to protect your position in the land dispute.

In addition, I will help you:

  • recognize a contract for the purchase or sale of an object of land invalid or unauthorized;
  • challenge the decision of the local self-government body on not granting a land plot or incorrect definition of its boundaries;
  • recognize as illegal any violations of the owner’s rights to a plot of land;
  • recover the arrears for the lease of the land plot;
  • legalize unauthorized buildings;
  • seize the plot;
  • and much more.

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