Advocate in Family disputes

Advocate in Family disputes

The family for many people is the basis of all life in which not only property relations are intertwined, but also a tangle of various emotions, therefore the family lawyer is obliged to be not only a good lawyer, but also an experienced psychologist.

The advocate for divorce most in demand in family disputes, who not only participates in the division of the property of the wife and husband, but also helps determine the amount of alimony that will suit the former spouses and serve the interests of the child.

In my work, I strive to be as carefully and cautiously approach to family conflicts, remove the level of tension, not to bring the situation to full confrontation. This approach allows you to save the forces, nerves, health and money of my clients.

The most, perhaps, the acute question, which should help to settle the lawyer for family matters – how to divide the property. The parties, until recently married, do not always manage to agree among themselves, as each side has its own ideas about what should go. Advice to a lawyer at the pre-trial stage will help to divide the property in accordance with the norms of the law, satisfy the claims of both parties, draw up an agreement on the division of property. If it is not possible to reach an agreement, the lawyer, taking into account all the nuances of the case, will make a statement to the court and will defend your interests at all stages of the proceedings.

What is included in the range of my services, as an advocate specializing in family law:

  • consulting support both on the issues of marriage and the preparation of a marriage contract, and on the issues of termination of marriage bonds, separation of property, deprivation of the rights of the parent and other aspects of family law;
  • organization and negotiation at the pre-trial stage. During the negotiations of the interested parties, I seek to reconcile the spouses, conclude agreements that will determine the order of separation of property, as well as issues of upbringing, living, relations with children, and obligations related to alimony of former spouses;
  • preparation of all necessary package of documents for entering into or dissolution of marriage, such as a marriage contract, agreement on the division of property and others;
    full representation of the interests of one of the spouses in court, including without your participation;
  • solving a wide range of issues related to the protection of children’s interests, including the amount and procedure for obtaining maintenance, determining the child’s place of residence, establishing paternity (or challenging it), assigning custody of children, adoption problems;
  • the settlement of family disputes, when one of the spouses is a citizen of another country, including defending interests in the court of other states.

You will need the help of a family advocate if:

  • You are planning to make a marriage agreement, which clearly fixes the property rights of each of the spouses.
  • You want to protect your interests as much as possible during the process of divorce.
  • You have to divide the property. I will help to divide the property of spouses by mutual agreement or by filing a statement of claim in court.
  • The fact of paternity must be established or challenged.
  • It is required to protect the interests of the child in divorce. In this case, we will determine the order of interaction with the child, his place of residence, as well as the obligation for maintenance.
  • It is necessary to set a restriction on the parental rights of one of the parents.
  • In a situation where a citizen of a foreign country is involved in a family dispute.

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